MECTA ECT devices have a track record of remarkable reliability, rarely needing repair. As a biomedical engineer or ECT coordinator, practitioner, or nurse with hands-on responsibility for your MECTA Σigma device, please reference your MECTA Σigma Service Manual or Technical Video before contacting MECTA. If you are not able to find a solution, feel free to contact our Service Specialists. The MECTA Σigma has the option of a printable Biomedical Report that documents the results of the last set of internal tests performed by the device. In addition, the MECTA Σigma has the new feature of a printable Error Log, which tracks the history of clinical and technical error messages. This information may be useful in determining the cause of any malfunction. Whether you are interested in adding a new feature, asking for diagnostic information, or need post-sale technical assistance, MECTA and its international distributor representatives will assist you with technical support. Please CLICK HERE to submit a service request.

USA and Canada: 503-612-6780 or

Outside the USA and Canada: Contact your local MECTA distributor. If you do not know who that is, please contact us, and we can connect you with your local distributor.

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